Nudge Marketing

Do you think you are able to control your thoughts? Nudge marketing is proof that many decisions you make, unconsciously, have been influenced by outside sources.

ragazza felice del servizio di spedizioni del suo e-commerce

9 Must-have for your e-commerce shipping

Follow point by point the tips we have given in this article to improve the efficiency of your e-commerce shipping system.

ragazza felice degli acquisti fatti online grazie a Pinterest Shop

Passare dall’ispirazione all’acquisto con Pinterest Shop

Pinterest shop è la combo perfetta tra ispirazione e acquisti online. Una funzione che ti consente di trasformare in realtà i desideri che la piattaforma ha ispirato!

Sales promotions that are infallible

In this sea of e-commerce, how can we encourage users to buy from us? We give you some ideas in this article!


Here you will find everything you need to know to open an e-commerce in Dropshipping!

Analysis of Competitors

With this article you will take your business to another level thanks to the analysis of competitors

Up, down & cross

All the useful information to apply up, down and cross selling techniques to your business!

Co-branding Strategies

What is meant by co-branding strategies? What are the most discussed partnerships of the last year? Find out here!

Phygital Marketing

How to adapt the new buying behaviors with your marketing strategy? Simple, follow our tips!

Google Lens and image search

A personal visual assistant who can provide information on everything you see. Shoot an object or a product and discover all its details on Google Lens.

Boost for your E-commerce

Get your fill of tools for your e-commerce. Find out how to optimize payments, acquire new customers and retain users who have already purchased on the shop!

Scalapay: the innovation you didn’t expect!

Buy online and pay in installments at no cost? From today it's possible with Scalapay.

Social E-commerce

Facebook Shop will allow companies to sell products and services directly from Facebook pages or Instagram profiles. It is currently in beta testing, but we can't wait to give it a try!

Retail: post lockdown guidelines

One of the first consequences of the COVID19 lockdown is an important change in our consumption habits. How will retail adapt?

KPI Guidelines

Learn how to best define Kpis to track your online and offline sales goals.

Why are they leaving your website?

What are the main causes that bring a user to leave a site? There are tools to find it out and different methods to ask it them.

Ads sponsored on the Web

Creating promotions on the web is essential to make your services known or increase the performance of your products. Any advice you can use?

E-commerce Manager

Competent and fast support is essential for every e-commerce. Follow our suggestions and install these useful tools.

ACME Training

A new training website where the user can purchase courses that can be used in classroom or e-learning mode.

The secrets of Amazon’s success

Amazon is 25 years old and today is one of the most powerful companies in the world. A dynamic company ready to revolutionize itself by exploiting innovations and trends.

Gianna Nannini

We collaborate with one of the best known rock stars of Italian music for many years. For her we have developed a series of digital experiences involving fans actively.

Top Man – Maternatura

A mini site dedicated to the new line Top Man Nursery specific for beard care with organic ingredients.

Le Ceramiche

Le Ceramiche manufactures unique and creative products, employing the great experience that it possesses in the field of ceramic craftsmanship.

E-Commerce Best Practice

The first part of the optimization process is the identification of ideas to improve the ability of your e-commerce to generate revenue.