A thousand and one ways to pay online

Buying online offers many advantages: a wide choice of products, fast shipping times and unique promotions.
And when you get to the cart… What do you pay with?
Most market places offer several options to choose from.

In Italy, cash on delivery is one of the preferred methods in the first purchase: it reassures the customer that he is forced to advance any amount and pays only upon receipt of the package.
Payment with PayPal, now widespread, offers in its own way a form of protection to the consumer, because it allows the dispute within 30 days following receipt of the product.
Last year, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay payments landed on the web, which allow you to use your Apple or Amazon account to complete the purchase.

What’s next?

The answer is Scalapay, an innovative and interesting payment alternative, which allows the payment network.

The user purchases the products online and receives the order with the normal delivery times but, at the time of check out, pays only one third of the amount.
The remainder will be paid in two other installments, four and eight weeks apart, without interest.

Scalapay is a Stripe product, a leader in the payment methods sector used by e-commerce giants. There are other similar finetches such as Pagantis, Afterpay, Dilapay all with different installments, deadlines and minimum / maximum amounts.

Seller Plus

This system offers undeniable advantages for both the buyer and the seller.
For those who sell it is convenient because, thanks to the deferred payment, customers tend to spend more.

On average, the increase in the shopping cart is 42% and the increase in conversions is estimated at around 11%.
This is without any risk because Scalapay recognizes the total amount to the seller and bears all the risks of non-payment or fraud.

The maximum spending threshold for a purchase with this service is 600 euros, but Scalaplay chooses through an estimate of the purchasing power, how much a user can spend. This does not depend on the availability of the card, but on other factors, such as, for example, the store from which you are buying, the type of card used, whether you have already purchased with this method and met all deadlines.

Buyer Plus

Deferred plans are very useful and advantageous for those who want to buy something, but do not have all the money needed to have it right away.
Creating an account is quick and easy. The service is completely free as long as the installments are paid within the established deadlines.

Getting it wrong is difficult: reminder emails or text messages help you remember the day of payment.
The expiring installment can be paid immediately, through a link in the message, or by reloading a linked prepaid card to ensure enough money for the automatic debit.
If at the time of payment the card does not have sufficient credit, a notice warns the user of an additional 24-hour period to remedy.
If the payment is late, in addition to the amount of the installment, € 6 will be charged after the first day and possibly a further € 6 in case of non-payment within the following 7 days.

Scalapay has really thought of everything!
In the event of a return, the payment plan is canceled and the amount relating to the installments already paid is refunded.

Un minuto di silenzio

Dal lato economico e finanziario è evidente che il potere di acquisto e la spesa pro capite si siano notevolmente abbassati se, per poter acquistare qualcosa, si deve ricorrere a questa modalità di pagamento. Inoltre, per ottenere un “finanziamento” su Scalapay, non viene richiesto di mostrare una busta paga o di fornire informazioni sul proprio reddito. Potrebbe essere anche questo indice che le persone oggi hanno sempre più spesso lavori precari o saltuari che non potrebbero offrire garanzie e quindi si preferisce non richiederle?

Dall’altra parte bisogna ammettere che anche la nostra società è cambiata: se un tempo si risparmiava per potersi permettere qualcosa, oggi si aprono finanziamenti su ogni cosa per poter avere tutto subito. Dalle automobili agli elettrodomestici ai dispositivi elettronici, è possibile pagare a rate un’infinità di prodotti.

Il valore che diamo al denaro, ai nostri acquisti e alle nostre esigenze è diverso.
Sembra che anche i beni per soddisfare i propri bisogni di stima, autorealizzazione e appartenenza siano diventati di prima necessità.