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una ragazza mentre si sta occupando di svolgere un'analisi SWOT sul suo computer

SWOT Analysis: an essential tool for the success of your E-commerce

Everything you need to know about SWOT analysis, what it is, how it is used and why it is important to use this tool.

What is the proper budget to set for a social campaign?

Everything you need to know to set the right budget for your social media strategy and especially how not to exceed it.

Una ragazza ha tra le mani l'immagine di un like con il cuore

What content to publish to grow your brand?

For any social strategy, it is essential to understand what content to share according to your goals. But what is the best content to publish to boost your brand?

Pay-per-click, 5 common mistakes to avoid

In this article we list the 5 most common mistakes not to make in Pay-per-click to make sure you get the most out of your business!

Google & AI for Performance Max campaigns

Google announces the introduction of Gemini models in Performance max with the goal of improving the effectiveness of online campaigns.

esperto del marketing impegnato in un progetto di ricerca

Google Consent Mode V2: What’s New?

The deadline for implementing Google Consent Mode V2 passed on March 6. What changes for advertisers and users? Let's find out together in the article.

designer mentre lavora al suo computer

LEAD GENERATION B2B: how to attract new Customers for your business

Generating new leads is one of the primary goals of every online and offline business. Let us discover some tips for improving your B2B lead generation strategy.

il potere del social listening

The Power of Social Listening

Social Listening combined with the use of micro-data will help you draft a foolproof editorial plan and content strategy.

ragazza al computer utilizza i repository

Email Design: the guide for 2024

The design of the email must be in tune with the brand, hide some marketing tricks and give value to the audience. What are the key elements? What will be the trends for 2024? We find out together in this article on Email Design.

una ragazza guarda il suo telefono mentre ascolta della musica

Instagram: from creating your community to monetisation

Everything you need to know about creating your community and the monetisation opportunities offered by Instagram to grow your business.

ragazza pensierosa su sfondo rosso

LINK BUILDING: is it really impossible to get valuable backlinks?

Link building plays a key role in the ranking of a website, but obtaining quality links seems a very difficult task. In this article we shed some light and give you some tips for a winning strategy!

Marketing on YouTube, take it or leave it?

YouTube is a must-have asset in your marketing strategy. Find out in this article how to use this platform to your advantage.

ragazzo studia la sua strategia di marketing al computer

COMPETITOR SEO: 6 steps to outperform the competition and rank higher

Understanding who your competitors are and analyzing their strategies and tactics is an integral part of a winning Seo strategy. Find out in our guide some simple steps to overcome your competition and achieve a higher ranking!

Google Trend: how to use it for SEO & content marketing

We have created a short guide for you to easily juggle the various information provided and offered by Google Trend.

TikTok Shop, stress-free shopping

Introducing our guide of tips and best practices for creating a winning strategy with Instagram Ads. Success is guaranteed!

Instagram ADS: the complete guide to a winning strategy

Introducing our guide of tips and best practices for creating a winning strategy with Instagram Ads. Success is guaranteed!

Getting ready for Black Friday

Are you ready? Black Friday is just around the corner, review your strategy with us and make sure you've checked off all the items on our checklist.

Nudge Marketing

Do you think you are able to control your thoughts? Nudge marketing is proof that many decisions you make, unconsciously, have been influenced by outside sources.

ragazza felice del servizio di spedizioni del suo e-commerce

9 Must-have for your e-commerce shipping

Follow point by point the tips we have given in this article to improve the efficiency of your e-commerce shipping system.

ragazza con computer analizza pro e contro di kpi e okr

KPIs and OKRs enemies or friends?

Can KPIs and OKRs be used in the same project to measure results and effectiveness of your strategy? Read our findings!

ragazzo controlla su mobile il suo sito web

How to create a mobile-friendly website

Designing a mobile-friendly website? We have gathered here all the details that usually tend to be left out and the mistakes that should absolutely be avoided.

ragazza felice degli acquisti fatti online grazie a Pinterest Shop

Passare dall’ispirazione all’acquisto con Pinterest Shop

Pinterest shop è la combo perfetta tra ispirazione e acquisti online. Una funzione che ti consente di trasformare in realtà i desideri che la piattaforma ha ispirato!

Giving value to your sales by leveraging the power of social

Sales, big opportunities, big bargains, but what are the most effective channels to use?

due ragazze fanno shopping online con lo smartphone

Google Virtual Try-On

A new Google tool using generative AI will help us make safer and more informed purchases.