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programmatore alla sua scrivania mentre lavora sul codice

Learning to Program: let’s face this challenge together

Learn to code by setting clear goals and using online resources to turn your passion into practical skills and realized projects.

The power of words: UX Writing

UX Writing: a crucial element in experiential design. In this article we explore its fundamental role in user experience and strategies to optimise it in order to create intuitive and engaging interactions.

ragazza mentre scrive al computer

HTML and CSS in E-mails

We have drawn up a set of guidelines to help you create attractive and efficient e-mails that work on a wide range of e-mail clients.

graphic designer studia quale font sia meglio utilizzare per il suo sito

Font Psychology

We find out how important font choice is for a website and how font psychology can help design, readability, user perception and conversion.

ragazza al computer utilizza i repository

Email Design: the guide for 2024

The design of the email must be in tune with the brand, hide some marketing tricks and give value to the audience. What are the key elements? What will be the trends for 2024? We find out together in this article on Email Design.

Mockup design

Wireframing, prototyping & mockuping: what is the difference?

Wireframe, Mockup and Prototype are the different phases of the design process. Linked to User Experience, they are often confused and/or treated as synonyms. In this article, we will discover their similarities, differences and how to use them for flawless UX!

Key Web Design Trends that 2024 will bring

As every year in this article we report on the trends we expect to find in this 2024. Read our Top 10. Creativity, movement, looking back and a strong focus on the UX experience.

ragazza che si nasconde dietro ad un computer

Shared Hosting, VPS, or Cloud Hosting which one to choose?

In this article we dealt with Hosting: Shared Hosting, VPS, or Cloud Hosting, which one to choose? We analysed in detail what they consist of, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

web designer progetta un sito web

Cyber Design

How artificial intelligence entered the world of web design and all its applications. Discover all the tools of the moment!

ragazzo controlla su mobile il suo sito web

How to create a mobile-friendly website

Designing a mobile-friendly website? We have gathered here all the details that usually tend to be left out and the mistakes that should absolutely be avoided.

repository, deposito virtuale per archivio dati

What a repository is?

Repository faithful ally for all web developers! Better Bitbucket or GitHub? Learn how they work in a few simple words and decide which is the best way to organize your project.

ragazza con computer soddisfatta del suo sito web

7 Must-have for web design

Discover with us 7 key points in order to avoid mistakes while building a website

Web Trends for 2023

Discover all the trends for 2023 in advance. Gradient colors, images give way to Gifs and videos, animations are accompanied by custom cursors and the new watchwords will be speed and accessibility!

2022 Web Design and UI Trends

Let's discover the trends of 2022 in Web Design: minimalist style, essence of content and focus on emotional involvement.

Rebranding: everyone needs a refresh!

What is a rebranding? Have you ever rebranded your company?
Discover the best of 2021 .. starting from Facebook!

Top of UI Design

How can you make your website or application more effective? Follow these 8 simple rules to best your lead and conversion processes.

Web Design Trends 2021

Adios 2020, welcome 2021. Let’s discover together all the trends that the new year reserves for us in Web Design.

Web Design Trends 2020

What will be the web trends for 2020? Here are some tips to create layouts perfectly in line with a new decade!

Web Trends 2019

In 2019 we will see fast and easily accessible content, simple and attractive designs combined with asymmetrical and minimal layouts.

Artboard Studio

A complete branding project. Dal Artboard Studio is a software to effortlessly create presentation images to use for branding, promotional products and banners.

L’Uso dei Colori nel Web

Ogni colore ha un significato. La scelta delle giuste tonalità, contribuisce all'efficacia comunicativa di un sito web.

Web Design Trends for 2018

Discover the main Web Design Trends for this 2018. From fluo colors to geometric shapes, all the best practices to design a modern web layout.

Computec Manager

Computec Manager, a software able to manage the service of repairs, developed ad hoc for the specific business needs.