In a successful social strategy, it is essential to understand what to share according to your desired objectives. In this article, we will look at various types of content to publish with the aim of conveying an authentic image to your audience and boosting your brand.

Where to start? Before defining this in detail, you need to be clear on these points:

  • identify your specific objectives
  • create valuable posts in line with these objectives
  • select the right platforms for the audience you want to attract

Let’s take a brief look at what can intrigue your audience and what benefits you can achieve.


Entertainment is a great way to gain visibility but it is essential to provide useful information through short and engaging content. Doing so will also attract new customers who did not know they needed your products and services.

Happy tips: entertain with games, challenges, unusual stories, backstage of your business, before and after.


Among the content to be published are those that touch people’s emotional chords precisely because they allow you to create a direct and deep connection with your audience.

Happy tips: provide people-centered stories, highly personalized, inspirational content in which your audience can find themselves.


Sharing and attention-grabbing: visual content makes it easier for people to remember what they have seen (as opposed to reading text), reaches users more directly and increases dwell time on pages.

Happy tips: use photos, GIFs, videos, infographics.

Working in social media, one thing is certain: the algorithm is constantly changing and you need to be aware of its evolution.
The algorithm ‘rewards’ and gives importance to originality and quality with the intention of supporting creators of valuable content by increasing their visibility to a wider and more targeted audience, in order to enhance content and grow the brand.

So what formats are best to use?


Contrary to popular belief, static content such as images still work (and well!), as long as they have a strong artistic and communicative component.

Short videos

Short videos are the preferred format of the new generations, precisely because they are direct, unconstructed, engaging and truthful. The strong point of this format is the strong connection it establishes with the viewers.


User Generated Content is content created by your own community as a testimonial for your brand, product or service.
Obviously the audience appreciates what is real and authentic, it is essential to focus on real people telling about their experience and everyday life with your products.

Influencer mentre registra un video nel quale mostra un unboxing


There are those who love them and those who hate them, but memes remain the most popular content of the moment. Why are they so successful? Their secret weapon is the personalisation of an everyday situation that allows users to fully identify with the fact described and they have a very high probability of being shared.

Graphic content

Communicating your brand identity is a key aspect of spreading awareness and you can do this through graphic content that includes all those elements that make your brand recognisable: logo, fonts, colors.

Again, being static content, it must stand out and be eye-catching.

Whether images, memes or videos, like any strategy it is important to analyze your background, audience and objectives and test what works best on your brand, only then you will be creating effective communication!