The Cupertino-based company is testing a new cross-posting feature between Instagram and Threads. This option will allow Instagram users to share their updates on Threads as well, offering greater connectivity between the two platforms. In addition, Meta has introduced premium packages to get the blue tick, extending access to the ‘Verification for Business’ package to new markets, including Italy.

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TikTok is driving innovation forward with the introduction of automatic tagging for content generated using artificial intelligence. This will make it more transparent for users to know when a video has been created using AI. In addition, the platform is experimenting with AI-generated search results, showing snippets of answers created by ChatGPT, and is developing a new feature for collaborative posts, allowing users to tag other creators in posts, similar to what happens on Instagram.


WhatsApp recently renewed its voice call interface. The new design includes buttons to mute and end the call, improving the overall usability of the app.

The new features don’t end there, WhatsApp has also introduced new options for customising the Status. You can now change the colour of the text and background, and there are also new font styles to choose from! Let’s get creative!


Instagram continues to innovate with the announcement of new features for stories. In addition to new interactive stickers for sharing music, photos and videos, the platform is experimenting with Notes in posts and Reels with a select group of users. This update could lead to new ways of expressing oneself and interacting on the platform.

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However, let’s not forget ‘Lately’. What is this all about? The platform is currently testing this new feature that will add an automatically generated highlights feed highlighting the most recent activities in users’ stories.
This will make it easier and more immediate to keep track of your contacts’ most recent and interesting stories.


Google is introducing the Memories function in Gemini, which will allow users’ preferences and interests to be remembered to avoid repetitions during conversations. This new tool could improve the efficiency and personalisation of users’ search experience.

A few days ago, Overviews was announced: a new feature that will provide artificial intelligence-generated summaries for searches.

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LinkedIn has introduced the possibility of replying to specific messages in the app. What does this new feature entail? Interaction in direct messages (DMs) will become easier thanks to a new feature that allows you to reply to individual messages within a conversation.

Also now on LinkedIn, images created by artificial intelligence will have a small label that will tell you more about their origin. So if you see an interesting piece of content, you will be able to know immediately if it was generated by an AI thanks to this new tag.


It hides the Likes for everyone, no one excluded. By doing so, it wants to give people the opportunity to express their appreciation spontaneously and without concern.