You may have already heard of Pay-per-click or PPC advertising, as it is one of the most powerful and effective marketing channels available. It is a paid way of purchasing online advertising, which means that as an advertiser you only pay a fee when a user actually clicks on the advertisement.
However, not all that glitters is gold; if not managed properly, it can quickly turn into the main obstacle for your business.

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As always, we have tried to identify the most common mistakes that are easy to make. Let’s see how to get the most out of your business!

1. Automatic activation mode, not always a good idea!

The automatic activation mode is increasingly used, and it is indeed very common to see accounts with this setting. Although it seems to be the easiest solution to all our problems, often acting in this way can lead to potentially damaging changes.

Although Google’s intention is always to support advertisers, some self-application recommendations are not the ideal solution for everyone. Particularly for accounts with little data, it may lead to the generation of irrelevant headlines, alter bidding strategies, or broaden geographic targeting, resulting in unexpected results, financial losses, or wasted budget.
After all, giving carte blanche is never a risk-free solution.

For best results, we advise you to be selective with automatic application recommendations or even better to deactivate them completely, you will get better results by manually applying the relevant changes in this way you will retain full control.

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2. Make a daily check of your Google Merchant Centre

It might sound obvious, but it is essential to constantly monitor your Google Merchant Centre account. This is because the GMC is very important for your e-commerce and not monitoring it regularly could lead to a reduction in your product catalogue due to disapproved products or problems with the feed that you are not aware of.
Make it part of your daily routine, coffee, croissant and GMC!

3. Little but often

Google offers updates all the time and it is entirely understandable that you would want to test them as soon as they are released. When it comes to testing, however, we advise you to be patient and to proceed slowly and steadily. This means that you will have to handle one change at a time, so that you can analyse the results and determine the degree of impact the changes have had on your account, in other words whether the changes are positive or negative.

4. Update Ads

Keeping your ads up-to-date is essential. Updating, testing and running your ad text is very important to make sure you capture and keep users’ attention and prevent ads from becoming outdated and interest from waning.
Update your creative at least once a month, especially if your campaigns have a low daily budget, this way you will always keep interest alive.

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5. Set up accurate tracking

Priority before launching any campaign? Set up accurate tracking: a crucial step for the success of a PPC account.
This allows you to better understand the complete conversion path of your users and gain a clearer view of your target audience. Without accurate tracking, it would be like navigating blindly through campaign optimisation and you would risk wasting your budget.
Incorrect conversion actions or inaccurate revenue tracking means you cannot properly measure the success of your campaigns, preventing you from making informed decisions and, in fact, wasting money.

These are the most common mistakes we see around, now all you have to do is try to avoid them!