Before starting, it is good to do a little refresher on artificial intelligence.
AI is the ability of a machine to exhibit human-like capabilities, such as reasoning, learning, and creativity. The system is able to understand the surrounding environment and relate to it, solving problems and achieving pre-established objectives.
As? It studies human behavior, collects data through the actions that users perform online, analyzes and elaborates answers autonomously.

These are intelligent systems that have been in collective use for years, such as digital assistants (for example Siri and Alexa), suggestions from search engines and in cars. It is certainly a continuously developing sector that operates between enthusiasm and fear.

The ChatGPT phenomenon

Among the various AI platforms available to everyone, there is one that has been talked about for a long time: ChatGPT.

But what is it? It’s a chatbot developed on generative artificial intelligence that focuses on the use of algorithms to process content autonomously, such as answering questions or writing texts. GTP stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, it is a language model created by OpenAI that can understand our language just like a real human being.

With the launch of this platform, the interest in artificial intelligence has increased significantly and we have collected below other valid tools that operate in this area!

7 AI tools

Here is a list of the best AI tools that can boost productivity and revolutionize the way we work.

1. Midjourney
It is one of the most popular on the market today, especially useful for those who lack artistic and graphic skills, but want to bring their ideas to life. An AI generator, starting from a text, allows the creation of high quality images.

2. Copy. ai
This copyright platform lets you write content in seconds. It’s perfect for generating eye-catching and unique copy for inclusion in marketing activities such as website product pages, newsletters, social posts and much more. The writings are SEO-proof, optimized for the best and projected towards engagement and conversion.

3. Tableau
Have you collected a lot of data from your online activities and don’t know how to analyze it? This tool is just what you need! All information is examined and processed, the user can interact with it and create graphs, interactive dashboards and much more to make the most of these important resources.

4. Murf
It will become your best ally to convert any text to audio. It offers a catalog of over 100 voices, numerous dialects, different accents and tones, many languages and even volume customization. You can create content yourself, without using professional voice actors or using recording equipment.

5. Jasper
Based on OpenAI’s GPT-3, it is a tool capable of producing high-quality texts in a short time. Articles, essays, poems… anything that requires careful writing. The system has really amazing features like plagiarism checker, different grammar checks and more than 50 templates according to the final goal.

6. Fireflies
How many times have you lost explanations during lessons or meetings, because you didn’t have time to write down the words spoken? With Fireflies you can have the transcription of an entire voice conversation in real time. Ideal during meetings so your team can focus on the topics discussed, rather than taking notes.

7. Pictory
We have often talked about the importance of videos in marketing activities (you can find some ideas in this article (link to the article types of videos to increase conversions of your e-commerce still to be included), Pictory is an editing tool capable of Create share-ready clips from blog posts or long texts, then combine the videos with spoken audio or trending music.

Have you tried any of these tools yet? Tell us your experience!