2021’s trends that will influence also 2022

We’re almost at the end of 2021, a year full of ups, downs and changes.
It seems to us the right moment to draw the conclusions on the marketing trends that we have touched with hand this years and that will undoubtedly take us also in 2022.
We really have a lot to talk about so let’s start now.

Human First

Since the beginning of the Covid emergency we have been called to have a responsible attitude and to be in solidarity with the weakers of us. Probably even the lockdown’s days gave us an extra incentive to reflect…

The result is that the final consumer today is much more concerned with respect for the environment, health and the elimination of inequalities. It’s no longer about informations and solutions about products, but he also wants to know his interlocutor, his values and his social commitment.
In a world where products and producers are among the most varied, and meet every need or every type of pockets, what makes the difference are trust and relationships.

📌 Happy Tip: insert on your website a page in which you tell the values of your company! Use a personal and friendly communicative style. Take part with your business in social activities so that your brand is associated with positive thinking.

Diversity is a Plus

“It takes all sorts to make a world”

This is why we must always be inclusive in the communication of our brand.
People want to recognize themselves and feel represented in the brand and in the product they buy.
If you send a positive signal, you will make people feel considered and heard. This will allow you to build deep, long-term ties with your community.
There are many sides of today’s society, it’s important to include them all in your communication.

📌 Happy Tip: Include people with different features in your website images and on social media. When you find a target, you try to think about what people might be like.

Back to nature

This trend has been taking hold for some years now. Consumers ask for responsible brands, who share the causes that people care about and who are actively committed to a better world. More than a trend, attention to the environment has become an instrument of survival.

📌 Happy Tip: Being attentive to the environment is very important. You’ll surely have noticed that many advertisements (even on TV) refer to it. Many of our customers have made sustainability a basic key of their business. Take a look at our projects Francomario and Oltre Bio! Francomario e Oltre Bio!

Social selling & customer care

We know it’s not very nice to say, but we’ve become… super lazy!

We like to buy quickly and easily, without having to move from one platform to another. It’s for this reason that probably, from next year, also in Italy we’ll be able to shop directly on Facebook and Instagram. At the moment, on these social, you’re only allowed to tag products in our posts and have a shop window.
To meet the needs of customers, having a good customer care service is an essential thing. For this reason it’s very important to be available for public questions directly on social media or via chat support.
activating the shop section on social media is essential to sell online. Remember to always post your latest arrivals and to share stories in which the details of the products are highlighted. If your community is very active, repost the stories they mentioned you in! Another plus might be the sponsoring of ads on Facebook and Instagram, which talk about your company or highlight what you sell.

Effetto TikTok

Tiktok will probably be the most used social network in 2022. Zuckerberg’s empire could be surpassed by the Chinese short video platform Byte Dance, which in a few years from its birth has reached lots of downloads and modified our way of creating content.
It’s the app where spontaneity, sympathy and talent can be emphasized without the need for many words. In 2022 Tiktok is also destined to become a sales channel and to see a shop developed within it. Don’t underestimate his influence by getting carried away by the thought that it is a social for kids, but join the party!

📌 Happy Tip: create interactive content for your social networks. Publish stories with polls and quizzes to know what your users want and have real-time feedback with them. Share nice and funny videos, catch your attention!

Hybrid events and Metaverso

As the events of the last two years had already made us imagine, marketing will no longer be the same as before. We have seen a great change in the preferences of our customers, and we have to adapt to create successful strategies.
Hybrid is perhaps the word that best defines 2021 and that will certainly be one of the trends that will most affect in 2022.
Local activities have shifted to digital and terms such as delivery, e-commerce and e-learning have become commonplace.

There is one sector that has been resoundingly affected by the pandemic, the event’s worlds, which had a second life (perhaps too late) through online events. How will its future be?
It will continue to be Hybrid. The on-site experience will always be supported by the digital experience. Virtual events in the last year have grow up and it’s unthinkable that they can disappear altogether. Moreover, they give the opportunity to participate in many people who, due to problems of distance or time, could not appear in person.

In 2021 two very powerful societies declared great strides in this direction.

Google announced the birth of the Google Starline project, a futuristic technology that could be the future of video chat. It’s a magic window that makes communication bidirectional, engaging and realistic, from which you can see the person with whom we are connected video in three dimensions.

The other great technology, announced about a month ago, comes from the Facebook house and is called Metaverso. It’s a technology that allows integration between the physical and the virtual world. Thanks to avatars and augmented reality, we can live a second virtual life, in which it will also be possible to have working relationships.

📌 Happy Tip: NoIt’s not said that the world we live in is ready for the Metaverse. But for now you can take advantage of some aspects of augmented reality!
Have you had a chance to take a look at Ikea Space yet? With this technology you can insert the objects you would like to buy inside the furniture of your home! In this way you can see if it matches well or not! As far as the hybridity of your business is concerned, try to keep your physical store and your online store easily accessible, so that users feel free to buy where they prefer! Set the free shipping costs if they exceed a certain amount and give them the opportunity to change them without too much trouble and be always available for assistance!