Have a better productivity with Google Tables!

For a few months now, Google Tables, a new tool from the famous family based in Mountain View, is being tested in the United States. Born from the incubator of experimental projects in Area 120, it responds to the need of all people who work in teams to be able to coordinate through automation, making smart working easier too.

This brand new platform tracks work and organizes its workflows without the need for any manual intervention, but leveraging the machine learning capabilities of Google and other G Suite tools.

Organize your tasks!

Do you want to automate project management and monitoring so you can save precious time, and be available to members of the whole group even remotely? This new tool is then perfect for your team!

Google Tables was created precisely to provide support in controlling the evolution of work projects and managing the queues of the various assignments.
It allows you to assign tasks based on the availability of workers.
You can set up reminders (including recurring ones) on individual activities via email.
It also automatically updates tasks when status changes are detected.
It then allows you to bring to the attention of all the problems that must be taken into consideration in a short time.

Google super power!

This tool combines the flexibility of a shared spreadsheet with the power of a database.

The best thing is that it offers a more visual and intuitive way of presenting information than an excel document. Basically it is a set of spreadsheets integrated into small tabular data sets.

Tables are therefore the nerve center of Google Tables, which takes its name from here.
It is based on structured data containers sorted and recorded in rows, which are in turn grouped and organized into workspaces.
Each table can be present in multiple areas. When one of these opens, the tables contained within it will also open. Each can then be saved in different versions (For example, with different types of filters applied).

Alternatives and costs

Corporate collaboration tools of this type have already been present in Italy for years. You may have already heard of Slack or Trello for coordinating activities.

The added value of Google Tables compared to these platforms is that, in addition to being a useful planning and management tool, it is fully integrated with the Google G Suite service and therefore allows you to import data from Sheets, but also from Groups and Contacts .

Google offers two plans: the free monthly plan, which grants each user 100 tables, 1GB of attachments, 50 actions and some limited functions, and the paid plan, which costs $ 10 per month, which includes 1000 tables, 10GB of attachments, 500 actions and advanced features.

We can’t wait to try it in Italy too!