Lakshmi, made with joy

Lakshmi was born from a deep passion for the East and from the millenary wisdom of Ayurveda, which led this company to develop cutting-edge organic cosmetics of the highest quality. On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, it celebrates its commitment in the field of wellness and natural cosmetics with a restyling of the website.

The restyling

The collaboration with Lakshmi began in 2015, a path that allowed us to enter into the vision of the company and grasp its most intimate values. The pastel tones and the essential layout reflect the soul of their cosmetics: pure, effective by nature and the result of constant research.

The project therefore remains consistent with the Lakshmi personality and philosophy, but with the restyle we were able to perfect the general functionality of the website. A new section has also been introduced, Rituals, which allows the user to find the right combination of products based on the type of skin.