Romeo and Juliet – Your local guide

From the love for their city, Sara and Virginia give light to the Romeo and Juliet project. An exclusive service that leads to the discovery of the most unusual and fascinating Verona, through refined experiences capable of exceeding the expectations of the most demanding tourists. With Romeo and Juliet you can savor the true essence of the city and the Veronese culture, living in an entirely local dimension with studied and personalized itineraries. Get ready for unprecedented tours to discover the artistic beauties or tastings dedicated to the most sophisticated palates; with Sara and Virginia your vacation will be a dream come true.

The Project

A flexible and component-rich layout was designed for Romeo and Juliet, which responds to the different needs of the customer.
The stroke is very feminine but the lines are kept modern for an overall impact.
The strength of color is balanced by a minimal look that allows images to capture the attention they deserve.
The graphics alternate a full width layout and grid sections, to give the right movement to the navigation.