The news that Instagram is testing non-skippable video ads has caused much controversy. This new format will interrupt scrolling with sponsored content that must be watched to the end, with an expected duration of between three and five seconds. Already at this testing stage, many users have expressed their discontent, threatening to leave the platform if this feature is implemented.

New features are also planned: it will soon be possible to use memes in reels and to broadcast live feeds exclusively to members of broadcast channels.


Meta is testing an automated system for creating creative variants of Reels to improve the performance of company pages. The system generates several versions of each piece of content, each with different copy and covers, and then automatically distributes the most effective one.

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The list of new features for iOS 18 seems endless, and one of the most interesting is Genmoji, a feature that takes emoji creation to the next level thanks to artificial intelligence. With Genmoji, you can create custom emoji simply by writing a description, and the AI will generate suggestions based on what you have requested.


TikTok has introduced a new image sharing app called Whee, similar to Instagram, but designed exclusively for friends.
It allows users to take and share photos that only their friends can see, promoting more authentic interactions. This initiative comes after the launch of other similar apps, such as Notes and Lemon8.

Also launched is TikTok Studio, a dashboard that allows creators to manage all aspects of their presence on the platform.


Remember Shazam? YouTube launched a similar function that allows users to search and identify songs by humming, whistling or recording a song. In addition, a QR code was introduced to facilitate channel sharing. This feature, accessible via the You tab in the app, allows users to generate a QR code by selecting the ‘share your channel’ option.

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YouTube is experimenting with a new feature similar to Community Notes. The platform has introduced an option that allows users to add annotations to videos in order to provide relevant and up-to-date context. These ‘Notes’ will be publicly visible below a video, if deemed useful, and users will have the opportunity to rate them.


Longer audio for WhatsApp status, which has extended the maximum duration from 30 seconds to one minute. In addition, new options are coming that will allow channel data to be displayed on WhatsApp Web. This data will include the number of unique viewers, the geographical distribution of accounts reached, and the change in followers. These new features will be available in the coming months.


A search filter for verified accounts has been introduced, allowing results to be refined to only those users who pay for X Premium or who have received free verification from the platform.


According to the music app, ‘podfluencers’ – podcast influencers – are more trusted than traditional social media influencers. In fact, the data collected indicates that 63% of listeners show more trust in podcast hosts.

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Threads is changing how hashtags work. The platform is experimenting with new ways of using hashtags to make conversations more relevant to interested users.