Meta is also complying with the Digital Markets Act by announcing a new policy that allows its services to be used without information being interconnected. What does this mean? For example, users will be able to use Messenger independently without requiring a Facebook account.
The same applies to Instagram and Facebook. Users who have linked both accounts can choose to manage them separately and no longer share information between the two accounts.

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The year 2024 opens with many new features for Instagram.
Let’s start with Hype, a tool still in the testing phase that allows you to comment on other people’s stories by making the message visible to all users who look at them.
This could be a great way to encourage dialogue, which of course can be activated or not at the user’s discretion.

Instagram is experimenting with the Public Collections function on profiles. A kind of extension of Collections to allow users to share their own collections on profiles, make them visible and collaborative. Let’s inspire and be inspired!
Definitely a way to facilitate connections and for brands it could be used as a sort of showcase for their products.

Another feature strongly desired by creators is Backdrop, through generative AI promises to greatly improve the quality of photos by acting directly on the backgrounds.

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From now on, Google allows you to create logos with Imagen 2: a generative AI tool that transforms text into images and also allows you to create logos.
The tool specialises in realistic images and creativity for marketing.

Google announced that starting from January 2024, Chrome has begun removing third-party cookies from about 30 million people, or 1 per cent of the browser’s users. If this first phase works, cookies will be disabled for all users in the second half of 2024.
A big change, but what will happen next?


It seems that in the (more or less distant) future we might also be posting ‘tiktok’ on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is in fact testing a new vertical video format, according to rumours it is a section called Daily, which for now, however, will only offer content on LinkedIn Learning.

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It will allow advertisers to specifically target campaigns only to premium subscribers. This new option could be beneficial for companies wishing to reach active buyers within the app.
X is not standing still: it is trying to increase the number of premium subscribers even more by adding new features such as restricted access to its chatbot Grok AI.


Soon it will be possible to send messages to users without having a Whatsapp account. An update to facilitate the communication experience between users that will be available for both Android and iOS devices.