Have you noticed something new in the Status section? You can now subscribe to one or more channels to receive updates on all the topics you are interested in. However, users are not allowed to reply to messages, as they do in a conventional chat.
This formula is very similar to Instagram broadcasts!

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Introduces Dreams, a feature that, through generative AI, will allow you to place your face on an imaginative background.
Basic users are given the option of receiving a free pack of eight selfies, and for $0.99 they can purchase an extra set. Snapchat+ subscribers, on the other hand, will receive a free pack every month. Let’s have some fun!


Bad news on the way? We are not sure yet but it seems that Meta will offer a paid, ad-free version of Instagram and Facebook. So there will be two different modes: free with ads or paid.

But it is not over yet! Meta is launching Horizon Worlds on web and mobile: a free online video game with an integrated game creation system. Facebook’s virtual world is now accessible to everyone.

Facebook is getting more and more blue: the process of restyling the brand has begun with a new logo that takes on a brighter tone, to become “bolder, electric and eternal,” as Meta reports. A novelty that raised a smile, noticed only by the most attentive eyes. And did you notice this change?


Has launched Gimme the Mic! It works like a traditional music talent show and specifically promotes the functions of TikTok Live. The goal? To support the community of young artists and talents, who can win a prize of 50 thousand Diamonds*.

*NB. Diamonds are TikTok’s own reward system that measures the popularity of creators.

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In this regard, Shopify is launching an integration for TikTok Shop (which has just landed in the U.S.) for simplified customer order management.


Do you not want someone to see the likes you put on a person’s content? Soon you will be able to hide your activity from inappropriate eyes, that is, decide who can see who you put likes on: everyone, close friends, only those you follow, or no one.

Finally, longer and longer Reels are coming: in fact, it is likely that their duration will be able to be extended up to 10 minutes.


After the Skin Tone Feature, Pinterest is focusing more and more on inclusivity with Body Type Technology, an innovative AI-based technology that promotes a more inclusive body image culture.


Google unveils Gemini, a highly sophisticated AI with the potential to date to be 5 times more powerful than Chat GPT-4, but could even be 20 times more powerful by the end of 2024!
This appears to be a technology capable of solving complex problems and managing a wide range of services, from chatbots to applications in the enterprise environment.

mobile e l'AI di Google Gemini


The former Twitter is reportedly planning to collect users’ biometric information, work history, preferences and educational history for safety, security and identification purposes.
The company says that in this way it could recommend job offers on an ad hoc basis, facilitating the job hunting process. Are we perhaps witnessing the birth of a new LinkedIn? We shall see!


A new feature allows users to search for partnerships with brands by allowing them to find posts from creators labeled with the Brand Partnership Label.

The platform also enhances the Sales Navigator with generative AI with the goal of making it easier to find information and connections with leads.