Loyal customers are incredibly valuable to your e-commerce business.
That’s why it’s important to provide new customers with an excellent experience that continues over time and a strategy that allows you to nurture the relationship with them so they come back more often.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas for optimizing your shop’s performance.

1. Provide excellent customer care

Many companies struggle to provide good customer service. It is important to make your customers feel well-served, appreciated and relieved that you have made their lives easier. Because of this you will stand out and customers will come back. Read our article to learn more about this topic.

2. Follow up with your customers

After someone has purchased from your e-commerce, don’t forget about it!
The watchword is communication.
Send emails confirming the purchase. Send shipping status updates. Ask for feedback on your service and products purchased. Send FAQ emails. Offer your help, make sure they have the information they need.

Happy Tips:
You can streamline much of this by using email marketing automation tools such as AutomateWoo, created specifically for WooCommerce shops.

3. Reward loyal customers with discounts

Reward customers with thank-you discounts or personalized offers. Use creativity and imagination. You can reserve more or longer-lasting discounts for your most loyal customers.

Happy Tips:
Prefer monetary discounts rather than percentage discounts. For example, “save 30 euros on an expense of 100.” The more customers spend, the more profit you will make over that threshold.

4. Send segmented emails based on previous purchases

Talk about a form of personalized marketing that shows your customers that you are paying attention to them. You can identify and segment contacts that revolve around specific product categories and start communicating with each of these segments about these topics: relevant products, common issues, ways to solve them, tips and tricks, how-to content.

5. Reward referrals

Why you should count on referrals? Referrals are like a 5-star review on TrustPilot in that they increase credibility and stimulate word of mouth. By incentivizing referrals, you tap into your network of already satisfied customers to expand your reach.

Happy Tips:
You can hold referral contests with great prizes for winners or reward people based on each new customer they bring in

6. Ask for reviews and testimonials

By writing reviews and testimonials for products, customers increase their connection with your company. Reviews don’t just increase customer loyalty, they can in fact help you obtain new ones.

Happy Tips:
Invite your customers by e-mail (a few days or weeks after purchase) to provide public feedback. To make it even easier, already include links to sites where the customer can write the review, such as TrustPilot, one of the largest review communities, in which Happy Brain is a partner.

7. Offer bonuses, perks and special gifts

Surprise your most loyal, long-term or big-spending customers with unexpected bonuses and gifts.
For example, cosmetics shops can send samples or include in the order a travel version of a product.
These small attentions will delight the customer and greatly increase the chances that he or she will return to buy from your site.

8.Create subscriptions

If the type of products in your business allows, you can increase customer loyalty by creating subscription options for purchasing products and services. Customers will thus remain attached to you.
Of course, the subscription must give real benefits and perks that you can only get by subscribing.

9. Say thank you!

It may seem trivial, but thanks can never be too much. Therefore you should show gratitude to your customers at every stage of the sales cycle.

Put even a few of these customer retention strategies into practice in your ecommerce business and, over time, you will be able to retain more customers, increase revenue, get more reviews and referrals, and grow your business.