The year 2022 was certainly the year that saw the growth and affirmation of Tiktok. But the Chinese app continues to create new versions and updates to improve the experience. It has started testing the full size screen feature so that videos can be viewed horizontally and allow for greater usability of the content.
Other new features include geolocation of posts so as to add more details and to intercept who is in that specific location, which is useful for helping small businesses.

Finally, a new button will most likely be inserted in the Share tab called “Why this video,” and it will indicate the reasons that prompted the algorithm to present us with that content in the “For you” section.


News also for Instagram, which is experimenting with Group Profile: now multiple people will be able to publish posts and stories in a single profile, perfect for sharing content and memories among friends.
For this other update Instagram took a cue a little bit from Twitter and a little bit from classic message boards: we are talking about Notes, the new feature that allows users to create short notes to share with followers within the “Posts” section and will be available for 24 hours, just like stories.


Snapchat is pushing digital innovation in the fashion industry through a partnership with H&M that allows people to try on clothing and accessories through augmented reality.
The “Try On” experience brings the two worlds closer together by making omni-channel shopping.

FIFA World Cup 2022

The World Cup in Qatar has ended and the social reaction to the event of the final between Argentina and France was quite successful.
The Instagram post of Lionel Messi raising the World Cup became the one with the most likes in history, reaching 72 million, thus surpassing the photo of the egg that remains at 58 million.
WhatsApp also had its hands full during the final, reaching an all-time record with a sent message rate of 25 million per second, without ever going down!
It is also a record for Google Search, which, as CEO Sundar Pichai stated, had the most searches ever done during a day.
Definitely a fun, engaging and super digital world!

The year 2022 has come to an end, and in this article we have chronicled all the news in the online world.
Follow us through 2023 to find out what the trends will be in the coming year!