Graphic changes coming to Instagram that change the feed display with posts in 9:16. The photographs will be shown this way on the full screen and no longer with the square format to which we have been accustomed for some time.
The new feed is still in the testing phase and if the feedback is positive it will then be formalized as definitive.
Yes, it’s true, the social creative house Meta is increasingly resembling TikTok and, as mentioned in the past updates of digital news, will compete in the coming months for the title of best social!

Other news in testing for the Reels section: the first is about the duration that could increase up to 90 seconds, the second is the possibility of creating templates, that is, video models that can be replicated for subsequent to be recorded with the same format. This way making a reel will be easier and faster!


The latest news for LinkedIn is the ability to improve and add valuable information to your profile. It has been introduced in fact the possibility to insert a link under the own description of the profile. A useful factor to express ourselves more and complete your presentation by linking, for example, other social profiles, adding your own website or an activity particularly significant for our career.


TikTok Pulse was born: a tool that ensures contextualized ads brands placed next to the most popular videos, but especially content creators new opportunities to monetize.
In this way, the app promotes the most successful content, the ones that get the most likes and views through the For You page. The system is similar to YouTube, allowing users to advertise videos with ads and banners at the beginning, during and after the movies.
This service will be launched in the USA in June through a testing phase in creator profiles with at least 100,000 followers and then landing in the rest of the world in the fall.


Welcome to reactions! Now you can express an emotion through the use of emojis to every message you receive! Just press a few seconds on the selected message until a series of smiley faces appear and then click to send it. A nice way to give or not give approval to a comment, so fast, without having to write a text.
This option is already available to all users who have downloaded the latest version of the app, both for iOS and Android.


Although in Italy it’s now less used , in the USA and other countries this social continues to be central to connecting with other people. Lots of fun new filters for sharing videos and messaging. The latest novelty is the creation of Pixy, a handheld mini drone that follows the user to create content in real time.
It’s a flat yellow plastic drone, designed to connect to the app and rise from the palm of your hand to quickly take a photo or video, then return to the user. The created content is then shared wirelessly on Memories, where you can then apply filters and effects. At the moment the device has a price of 230 dollars, it’s powered by battery and when it’s fully charged, it’s able to complete between five and eight short flights.