Month of news for Instagram users. The app has recently introduced two important features for its subscribers.
The first is the “Private Story Likes“, which allows you to “like” a story without sending a direct message to its author. In the tab for the visualizations now appears who left the heart to your story.

The other novelty introduced is the possibility of taking a break from social.
In fact, you can enable this option that allows you to program a reminder that notifies you when the maximum time, previously set, of stay on social. To enable it:

  1. Go to “Settings” → “Account” → “Your Activity
  2. Select “Set pause reminders“.

You can choose between 10, 20 or 30 minutes after which a notification will be sent to pause. It’s an important step for teens that in this way they could learn how to better manage their time on social media.


The most downloaded social media in recent months has introduced a new way to maximize user engagement and provide opportunities for creators.
The new shopping display option “Instant Page” will allow brands to link their ads to a landing page integrated in TikTok, with a loading speed of 11 times greater than those of websites. These pages allow the user to explore other content of that brand, directly from the video, without leaving the platform.


The reels are here!
Since it’s now clear to everyone that videos are the most viewed content by web users (we have deepened the topic here) even the dear old Facebook has decided to include this feature of the app. It’s an adaptation of the Instagram Reels, with the ability to comment, add reactions and share short videos (up to 60 seconds) with friends and acquaintances. Given the connection of the two platforms of Meta, it’s not excluded that soon there may be other tools such as crossposting, which allows the simultaneous sharing of content on the two apps.


The Spotify Car Thing, a new device dedicated to the Spotify streaming service, is now available to anyone in the USA. It’s a small device of about 5 inches, usable on board most cars (especially for those not recent and therefore don’t have a smart display).
Car Thing connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or aux cable and acts as a controller for the Spotify app, giving you the ability to listen to your favorite playlists or podcasts while traveling. There’s no reliable information about the arrival of this novelty in the Italian market, but given the high number of users of the platform, it’s not excluded that it can be made available already in 2022.


The Privacy sandbox also arrives on mobile!
The new privacy management system, so far only intended for use on the web, can also be used on our smartphones. Its function will be to manage advertising tracking on the Google operating system on Android. At the moment the Android Ad ID (on Apple it’s called Identifier For Advertisers) is used and consists of a unique device code useful for tracking data for advertising purposes. This system will be decommissioned, although it will take several months, to leave room for the Privacy Sandbox.