Last month of 2021, but lots of news!

The end of the year is approaching between parties, lunches and gifts.
Another year full of events is coming to end, but despite the difficulties we had to face, there were also many important news for the digital world!
Put down the glass of wine, get comfortable (not too much though!) and read with us the latest news from the web.



The first official Instagram report has been published! It’s a guide to anticipate the trends defined by Generation Z that will shape next year’s culture. The report, created in collaboration between reporter Dorian Symonè Harvin and some of the most influential young figures, lets us know more about Instagram trends in all categories including music, fashion, beauty, social justice and all the other growing areas of the digital world. Click here to read the full report!


Instagram has finally reached 2 billion users

But it is not the company itself that announces it, but a group of collaborators who prefer to remain anonymous.  The last time Instagram publicly announced its goals was 2018, reaching a billion people. It therefore took three years to double the figure, with the main objective of creating as much gap as possible with respect to the Tiktok platform that has already reached 1 billion members last September. 

And do you have an Instagram profile? We have it and if you don’t follow us, run for cover here!


Twitter has released ads in carousel format to improve brand performance. This is the same type of advertising already present on other social networks, such as Facebook, a carousel consisting of two to six videos or scrolling images that direct people to a site or an app. The main advantage of this change is to make the experience more engaging and interactive for consumers.

2021 on Twitter

The Blue Bird social published the report “a year of Twitter”, with an analysis of the most discussed topics in Italy. Here are the most appreciated posts!

The tweet that got more like and retweet was that of Fedez on the occasion of the May Day Concert at Rai.

In second place we find just a tweet from Twitter written during the down of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp last October that received more than 3 million likes!

On the third step of the podium we find the Maneskin with the post on victory in Sanremo!


Spotify Clips

It starts from the United States with the test for the introduction of the stories on Spotify. They’re called Clips, they’re created by artists and can be images or short videos. They’re very different from those proposed by other platforms: first of all they do not disappear after 24 hours because their goal is to tell what happens behind the scenes of playlists, songs and albums. Does your favorite artist already use them?


It’s a real revolution for Podcasts! The phenomenon of podcasting has experienced in the last year a dizzying growth: 84 million people have heard for the first time a podcast in this period and in terms of content, in the last year, more than 1.5 million new podcasts were added to Spotify, with an increase of 85% compared to the previous year and from this month you can also subscribe to a subscription dedicated to listening to Podcasts! You can also create a list of favorites so you don’t miss any bets.

Finally, the lyrics of every song on Spotify have arrived in Italy. The lyrics function, both on mobile and on desktop, allows you to show the lyrics of the tracks in play, thanks to the collaboration with Musixmatch!



It’s the new app Google has developed to monetize content creatorsIt’s a showcase (the term used is just storefront) through which to communicate and sell products of all kinds. The app was developed to create a “one stop shop“, a single point where influencers can turn to their community by selling. In addition to the shop, Qaya offers a service of insights and useful data to allow users to better know their audience. Each member can also customize a URL to be included in their social bio and thus facilitate the use of the platform to followers. Learn more here to start using Qaya!


updated trasparency centre

The Transparency Center of the app was updated in December. A revamped version to take a step forward in the commitment to protect the privacy and security of members, who are mostly minors.

Tik Tok Kitchen

It could be called Tiktok Kitchen and will arrive in the United States as early as March 2022. This is a novelty for the most downloaded platform of 2021: 300 restaurants that will prepare and deliver the most viewed dishes on social! You can only order takeout with home delivery and the proceeds will go to the creators of the recipes. The goal is to bring users even closer to their favorite influencers. 


We have selected these news to close the 2021 in style, hoping to meet again at the next appointment with many news for the new year!