The return from the holidays always brings with it a wind of novelty and desire to get back in the game.

That September that looks like “the beginning of the year” and is an opportunity to renew all the good intentions.
Even in the social world is a flourishing period of novelty and upheaval.
Here you are the main news to restart super updated šŸ˜‰


Say goodbye to the swipe-up!

Since last August 30, Instagram has removed the possibility of linking external content in the stories, by swiping the finger upwards.
This feature has been replaced by a sticker. A sticker to always apply in stories and which should change some communication dynamics.
First of all because it is possible to reply directly to the content, while with the stories with swipe-up it was not possible to interact. Furthermore, this allows a greater degree of customization and therefore a more creative visual.

Who is granted this functionality? While previously it was limited to profiles with over 10K followers, now the figures are not yet clear, but they are still users with a large following and a business profile.

Do you want to login? Add your date of birth!

To safeguard young users and be able to provide a safer experience, Instagram is gradually asking users to provide their age if it has not already been entered at the time of registration.
This will help the platform to better understand which content to show and to whom.
Instagram is also rolling out ā€œInstagram for Kidsā€, in the wake of ā€œFacebook for Kidsā€, given its great success.

“Digital Insider”

Instagram has published the third edition of its magazine dedicated to emerging trends, in which it explains how to make the most of them with a more strategic approach.

But what are the trends for next autumn?

  • Respect for art and nature
  • Appreciation for all things “simply happy” (trend called “C’Mon Get Happy”)
  • Bright colors and extravagant patterns
  • Focus on Reels


Facebook launches Horizon Workrooms

One of Facebook’s new goals is to raise the quality of business meetings by introducing augmented reality.
The aim is to give work teams new opportunities and new ways to work remotely by increasing collaboration and productivity.
The idea is to be able to participate via video call or with an avatar and to provide a virtual whiteboard where everyone can write their ideas.

Holiday tips for shops

You may not be thinking about it, but Christmas is near and Facebook is already thinking about how to increase e-commerce sales on its shops by giving some advice on key trends and adding the right festive touch.

Facebook has also added a new label for the highest rated stores to give more guarantees to the customer and generate more sales.

What do you advise? First of all, make sure that the information is complete and always up-to-date, add product tags to each post and create ad hoc collections for each holiday.


TikTok tests 5 minute video

Shortly after launching the 3-minute videos, TikTok goes even further. In fact, it is testing the possibility of launching videos lasting 5 minutes.
The motivation? Give brands the opportunity to improve their storytelling, but not only. This would also allow the insertion of more advertisements.

Partnership with Shopify

The platform has recently announced a partnership with Shopify. This allows companies that manage their e-commerce with shopify to sell directly on the application.

TikTok publishes the Creative Solutions Guide together with Vimeo and Canva

TikTok has launched a guide aimed at educating creators on how to make relevant campaigns, thus providing a list of the key aspects of videos, how to use the features of the platform and how to improve the productivity of brands.

Creating content on TikTok does not require a large budget, full-screen videos are enough, and the fact that it is a full immersion experience to conquer the public.

According to a statistic, in fact, the brands that have used TikTok to create creative content have achieved 14 times greater success.


Youtube has recently opened the ā€œYoutube Theater for businessā€ in Inglewood (California), a theater that can accommodate up to 6,000 people, where it intends to host a large number of live events such as conferences, sporting events, concerts and so on.

In a future perspective, once out of the pandemic, it could become a real tool to further strengthen the brand’s corporate identity. A place where artists can make live-streams that can be shared with all online users.

It will be interesting to see what types of events it will host and how they will be put online on the platform. We’ll see!


Spotify has recently announced the continuation of the collaboration with Nielsen, which will also provide demographics of podcast users to get a more specific picture of listeners.
This will allow us to propose contents and advertisements as targeted as possible.