Facebook City Guides

Facebook City Guides is the tool that allows you to interact with a city, discovering its beauties and the most interesting activities it has to offer.
Through this new feature you will be able to see which of your friends have been in a certain place and which activities they have carried out nearby. If you want a less touristy approach to your chosen destination, you can discover the customs of the real locals! Facebook City Guides allows you to have at hand the information you need to make the most of your stay in the city.
In fact, it collects all the cultural events, places of interest, museums and much more.

All to make your travel experience as complete as possible. The system also displays weather conditions and local time and provides the ability to save attractions and events to a personal itinerary. City Guides suggests you the destinations to visit based on your likes and is divided into different sections (places, events, attractions), which combine to provide the necessary information for the location where you are.

City Guide is the evolution of the Facebook Places platform, revisited and developed especially for mobile use.
It arises from the awareness that it is acquaintances or friends that lead the user to a different and meaningful experience, because it is guided by the opinions of those who have already been in that same place. Today there are systems such as Tripadvisor, Booking, blogs and tourist guides, which can be particularly useful, but not reliable enough. Have you ever wondered why?
The answer is simple: the opinions of people you know are able to influence your judgment much more, they are more reliable and truthful for you and you will be led, instinctively and often involuntarily, to choose things recommended by friends.

Facebook City Guide is your social travel guide!
Bon voyage;)