Bios Line

Bios Line is a thirty-year-old company that formulates, manufactures and distributes food supplements, medical devices and natural cosmetics for well-being and personal care.
It draws resources from research and the most recent scientific achievements to explore the enormous potential for health and well-being contained in the plant world, transforming them into natural, effective and safe products.
We have embraced their project and worked hard to bring their ideas to cutting-edge digital spaces. From here a continuous collaboration is born, which allows the development of new contents and solutions with constancy and great satisfaction.

ClientBios Line S.p.A.ServicesDesign, Tecnologia, Strategia, Web MarketingYear2020Linkwww.biosline.it

Multisite Network

In addition to the web development, there is the social listening service, social media support and ad consulting for promotion and communication activities. We constantly monitor online sentiment and reputation to better communicate the brand values.

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